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You come on like a▐▐▐ BLOOD-STAINED▐▐▐ HURRICANE▐▐▐

Leaving me broken, another time.

「阿散井恋次」Renji Abarai
31 August
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Light a fire to the fang that cannot be reached
So that I do not have to see that star
So that I do not slit this throat

Renji Abarai
Age: ???
Sex: Male
Home: nowhere, he's a moocher Soul Society
Occupation: Soul Reaper and Vice Captain of the Sixth Division
Zanpakutou: Zabimaru

  • Canon: Bleach
  • Played by: inkedfeathers
  • [Abarai Renji is property of Tite Kubo. I am not affiliated with him or anyone else involved with the Bleach anime and manga, nor am I gaining any profit from the use of this journal. This is only for fun! ♥]